Digital Arts & Marketing Ireland | Web Host Tips 2018

About Digital Marketing Trends In 2018

Another year has passed and a lot of changes have taken place in the digital marketing landscape. Digital marketing in 2018 is likely to see consolidation of various trends over the past few years. One thing is certain though. Digital marketing will continue to grow and will continue to cut into the share of TV advertising and various other marketing channels. In other words, you can ignore digital marketing only at your own peril.

If you still haven’t started with digital marketing, it is imperative to map out a digital marketing strategy right now in order to remain competitive. It’s a given that a business cannot survive without a proper marketing strategy. There was a time when small businesses did not have to face so much competition but those days are long gone. These days, every single business domain is facing huge challenges from the leading companies and branded domains like Web Hosting Ireland. Thankfully, digital marketing has made it easier for small businesses to reach out to more potential consumers at a relatively lower cost.


As far as digital marketing trends in 2018 is concerned, many experts are of the opinion that AI assistants by various companies including Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and others will see a huge spike in usage. In other words, voice-activated search will start dominating the overall search landscape and businesses should start tweaking their websites in order to get more traffic from voice searches. Voice searches work a lot different from normal searches as people tend to use longer phrases in the form of questions instead of using keywords and phrases. Therefore, the content and tags need to be tweaked in order to make webpages relevant for voice search.

Social media marketing will also undergo some change in 2018 but the best way to engage social media audience will always be frequent posting of relevant and useful content. So, keep investing in high quality content and your social media followers will keeping engaging with you.

Overall, the evolution of technology has brought the power back into the hands of consumers and digital marketing has provided small businesses like Local Irish Art with a powerful tool to compete with big businesses. So, keep the above mentioned tips in mind in order to win on the digital marketing front in 2018.